Our Mission, Aim and Purpose

Refugees and people with related backgrounds will have access to quality, culturally-responsive health services to assist positive resettlement in New Zealand.


To deliver for all refugees entering and resettling in New Zealand:

High quality, culturally appropriate mental health services to include assessment, treatment and follow-up to address pre and post migration stress, and assist healing from experiences of trauma or torture.

Quality, culturally responsive health promotion, primary health, health education and prevention services to address key needs of safety and well-being.

Our Purpose

Refugee Health and Wellbeing National and Regional Activities and Services

  • 1. Mental health and clinical services for all incoming UN quota and convention refugees
  • 2. Community mental health treatment and rehabilitation for victims of torture and survivors of trauma for all of metropolitan Auckland through the award-winning
  •     Refugee Mobile Team
  • 3. National training and capacity-building in CALD (Cultural and Linguistic Diversity) competencies
  • 4. Youth Services – for helping young people from refugee backgrounds to fully participate in an inclusive New Zealand society
  • 5. Community Development – Health promotion, train-the-trainers, strengthening communities, community health workers, developing and supporting leaders
  •     (such as smoking cessation, alcohol & drug prevention, injury prevention, road safety, drivers licensing)
  • 6. Research and Evaluation – leading in national research projects which make a pratical difference in policy and service delivery
  • 7. Publications – National and international contributions to research and evidence-based literature
  • 8. Microfinance and funding support for refugee-led community initiatives