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RASNZ Annual Report 2015


Fate, Spirits and Curses:
Mental Health and Traditional Beliefs in Some Refugee Communities

Dr Kathy Jackson
Rampart Publishers, 2006

This book is an invaluable tool for doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and other professionals who directly help refugees or may see them in the course of practice. It will as well be of high interest to researchers and lecturers in cross-cultural health and psychology. It also, however, offers a fascinating read for members of the general public, providing new insight into the beliefs, cultural issues and experiences of refugees who resettle to begin new lives.

Fate, Spirits and Curses draws on firsthand experience and wide research to to explain some of the traditional beliefs which affect health of the body and mind within some refugee communities from the Middle East and Africa. Although drawn from the New Zealand context, its global contribution to advancing understanding and practical application is directly relevant to international resettlement issues in other host countries.

Many of the 750 new refugees who are accepted into New Zealand each year under the UN quota have experienced severe trauma, persecution, and torture. Cultural factors are very important in determining how a refugee will access and respond to a health service. The level of knowledge and understanding about these issues can greatly affect the outcome.

The author, Dr Kathy Jackson is an experienced teacher and cross-cultural psychologist who serves as Research Associate for the Refugees As Survivors Centre at the national Refugee Resettlement Complex in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Culturally and Linguistic Diverse - Resource Kit for Health Practitioners

Victoria Camplin-Welch
RASNZ and Waitemata District Health Board

The CALD Resource Kit includes a practical, quick reference guide for health practitioners in 14 different (Afghan, Burundian, Cambodian, Chinese, Iraqi, Iranian, Korean, Sudanese, Somali, Ethiopian, Iranian, Laotian, Indian, Vietnamese) cultures. Also included is a CD/DVD for detailed reference on health issues, presentation, greetings and key issues to consider.

Fate, Spirits and Curses
Dr Kathy Jackson

    Culturally and Linguistic Diverse
    Resource Kit for Health Practitioners

Available from Refugees As Survivors Centre
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