We want young Kiwis from refugee backgrounds to succeed

Refugee Youth Action Network (RYAN)

Three main areas of activity

      Employment         Education        Engagement  

We care about supporting young people to overcome challenges and help them towards achieving their goals.

We are passionate about helping young people succeed in life. We provide a range of programmes to support young people from refugee backgrounds. We care about their safety, well-being and integration into New Zealand society. The young people we work with are truly amazing and motivated to succeed. We provide opportunities for our young people to become leaders in their community. Our programs and services for young people include:


We provide young people with support to help them become prepared for employment in New Zealand, from writing CV’s and cover letters to practicing interview skills and training them to be work ready.


We provide one on one support for young people. We meet with young people and/or their parents. We tackle bullying or issues with racism at school. We help with subject choices. We assist with the Sir Robert Jones Scholarship for Refugee Daughters’.


We focus on young people’s opinions and requests for activities and ensure that our programs meet their needs. We encourage and supervise sporting activities for both young males and females. We run football, netball, volleyball, cricket and martial art programmes. We help the refugee youth to develop new skills and interests, have fun and make new friends. Help them gain in confidence.

We run School Holiday Programmes and Leadership Camping Activities

Our activities will vary each school holiday break to cater for young people’s ideas. We deliver activities that include indoor rock climbing, adventure courses, picnics, cooking classes, sport, visits to Auckland landmarks, art galleries, engaging in creative arts programmes, ice skating and team building games

We run Learners License

Getting your Learners License offers an opportunity for young people to increase their connectedness to the community, become more independent and enhance their employability. The young people we support are often the first to learn how to drive in their family.